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Premium Organic Culinary Grade Matcha (100g)


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Premium Culinary Grade is 100% Organic Japanese green tea powder and is the pinnacle of high quality culinary grade matcha. The attention to detail that goes into the cultivation and processing of our matcha is second to none. From the vivid green color to the freshest aroma, we strive to deliver matcha perfection.

Culinary grade matcha is specifically blended for cooking or culinary purposes with distinguished aromas and flavors even when mixed with other ingredients. Culinary grade matcha is best recommended to be experienced to as part of a smoothie, latte, or dessert. You can also enjoy ½ teaspoon in 6-8 ounces of hot or cold water with your favorite sweetener. To preserve freshness store in a cool, dry location and reseal. Each package contains about 48 servings.


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