_MG_3223_mBefore adding hot water to Matcha, it is recommended that Matcha is sifted using a tea strainer or a sifter to avoid clumps of Matcha from forming in the tea.

  1. Place 1 to 2 bamboo tea spoons ( 1/2 to 1 tsp.) of Matcha powder in the bowl.
  2. Press the whisk down on matcha to break up powder if you do not have a strainer.
  3. Add 2 to 3 oz of pre boiling water to the bowl (180F / 80C). Boiling water may not be the most suitable for Matcha because it does not bring out the best flavor and natural mild sweetness of the tea.
  4. Using a bamboo whisk: whisk briskly with the motion of making the letter M or W. Simply an up and down motion will do as well. The whisking brings oxygen into the tea to create a nice frothy layer on the surface with many air bubbles.

You can also use a blender or an electric whisker if you prefer.

Depending on personal preference, add more water to adjust for desired taste.