About Us

D1-397Reputation, integrity, quality, and perfection. These are the 4 fundamentals that Pure Matcha is built on. From our customer service to the production of our Matcha, we try our best to ensure that every decision we make as a company best reflects those fundamentals. Since our company was founded in 2010, our motto has always been “Quality not Quantity”. Our matcha is consistently ranked as one of the best quality Japanese Matchas in the world, while at the same time being competitively priced. There are alot of Matcha companies out there try to sell lower grade Matcha and pass it along as Ceremonial grade. Our Matcha is the freshest and highest quality Ceremonial grade on the market. All of our four products are sealed and stored in cold chambers until shipped to their final destination. We believe in having a small inventory that is replaced often vs a large inventory of tea that can sometimes lay around for months, waiting to be sold. This ensures that our Matcha is always fresh. Our accessories are no different and are sourced from the highest quality materials with no corners cut. No smoke and mirrors. Just high quality products that honor the legacy of the 800 year old Japanese tea ceremony tradition.

There are two major regions where Matcha is cultivated. One is Uji of Kyoto, and the other is Nishio in the heart of Aichi-prefecture, Japan. Some of Japan’s highest quality teas come from Nishio, a city known as a historic tea cultivating region dating back to the 1200s. Nishio’s stable climate, fresh pristine river waters, fertile soil, and remoteness from major urban development foster tea leaves that are more resiliently green and full of nutrients than those found in any other regions of Japan. It is this quality that Nishio Matcha represents in over 60% of all Matcha sold in Japan.

Quality Matcha is extremely rare, pure and exclusive. Matcha gives natural energy, supports the body, and its health benefits surpass anything that is available on the market. Matcha is the most exciting discovery of the 21st century’s modern tea world. Created over 800 years ago by Buddhist monks as a meditational drink, Matcha is known today as the healthiest, rarest, and most premium of all tea varieties of Japan. More and more consumers are discovering now about this exquisite tea for themselves. Restaurant chefs have begun to unlock the potential of this versatile tea. Matcha is also ideal to produce green tea flavored treats. The world’s leading chocolatiers, candy makers, ice cream producers, chefs and restaurateurs are already offering Matcha ice cream, Matcha truffles, Matcha chocolates, Matcha desserts, Matcha lattes and Matcha smoothies.